Thank you for sharing an image with the Picture A Healthier World project. In order to sell your photograph in print format, please SEE THE TWO OPTIONS BELOW:


(1) You would like Picture A Healthier World to print your photograph: Most often, artists submit image files to us, and we work with a highly regarded New York City-based professional printer to offer superior quality prints and custom frames. This makes it simple for the artist, as PAHW manages all printing and packaging. If you are submitting an image to be printed by Picture A Healthier World, please complete the Artwork Submission Form and send us the large file (minimum of 2,400 pixels on the shorter side) so that we can make prints that are at least 8x10 or 8x12 at 300 dpi. We sell prints that are up to 20x30, so we ask that artists who would like to sell larger prints of this size please send files that are 6,000 pixels x 9,000 pixels or larger. Files can be sent to:

  • If the file is 20MB in size or smaller, email it to us (at
  • If the file is larger than 20MB, transmit it to us via (an online service that doesn’t require a login and will transfer files up to 5GB).

After we receive the Artwork Submission Form and image file, we will post the image to the website within 7 days and will email you as soon as the listing is live!


(2) You would like to print your photo and mail us prints to sell: We also offer artists the option to ship prints (unframed only) to us. Some artists may prefer this because it allows them to have consistency with their prints (ex. an artist may make prints using cotton rag paper only - a material we do not use for prints). If you would like to send us prints, please complete the Artwork Submission Form and make a note in the "Additional Notes/Specifications" box on the form that you will mail us prints. Please also note:

  • The print sizes you are sending us and the quantity of each size.
  • The sale price you would like to set for the prints, as well as your materials costs for the prints. Note: The option for artists to set their own print prices is currently only available to artists who mail us prints to sell. This option is not available for artists who send us digital files to print.
  • If your signature will be included on each print.
  • The paper the photograph is printed on.

Upon completing the Artwork Submission Form, please email us (at a low-res file (minimum of 1,000 pixels on the shorter side) so that we can post it with the listing on the website. Once we receive the form and image file, we will email you instructions for mailing us the prints. We will also request that you send us a quote for the shipping costs so that Picture A Healthier World can reimburse you for shipping.

As soon as we have received the prints, we will post the image on the website and will notify the artist that the listing is live. Picture A Healthier World will store the prints in our office in Brooklyn until they are sold. If at any point the artist wishes for us to return to her/him any or all of the prints, Picture A Healthier World will mail them back to the artist within 7 business days.  Each time a print is sold, Picture A Healthier World will reimburse the artist for the materials costs of the print in addition to 35% of the profits from the sale. Of the remaining amount, 50% is donated to the health and human rights initiative selected by the shopper and 15% is retained by PAHW to cover operations expenses.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.