Thank you for submitting a photograph to THE Picture A Healthier World PROJECT! 

Please complete the form below (one form per photograph you submit; only asterisked* fields are required). Upon completing the form, please send us the image file, along with a personal photo or logo for our Artists page (if you wish):

  • If you are submitting an image to be printed by Picture A Healthier World and shipped to customers when orders are made, please send us the high-res file:
    • Email it to us (at if the file is 20MB in size or smaller.
    • Transmit it to us via (an online service that doesn’t require a login and will transfer files up to 5GB) if the file is larger than 20MB. 
  • If you are submitting an image that you will print and mail to Picture A Healthier World, please indicate this on the form below and email us (at a low-res file (1000 pixels on the larger side) for us to post on the website. See FAQs for Artists for details on how to mail us the prints.

We look forward to receiving your photo submission. As a reminder:

  • Artists retain the copyrights to their images. 
  • All images are sold on a non-exclusive basis, so artists can continue to use and sell any images that they submit to the project. If you would like us to sell your image as limited edition prints, please make a note in the "Limited edition prints" box on the form.
  • We will notify you each time your image is sold to let you know the services that were supported by the sale (ex. approximately 30 children will be provided with deworming tablets to prevent intestinal worm infection and the malnutrition, growth stunting and cognitive deficits that can result from infection).

For more information, please visit our FAQs page

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If you would like, please submit a bio of 200 words or less. In the future, we plan to add these bios to our Artists page.
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Please indicate if you would like Picture A Healthier World to print and ship your image to customers, or if you would like to print the image and send the prints to us.
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Editorial use only
For photographs with an identifiable face(s), please submit a model release if you have one. If not, please check this box to indicate that the image should not be sold in printed format and should be made available with an editorial license only (if you are selling it with a digital license).
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