Bronx Documentary Center Exhibit Closing on Friday

Just a quick reminder to New Yorkers that the Bronx Documentary Center’s current exhibit, “Attacks on the Press: Mexico” will only be up for another couple of days! The exhibit, featuring work by Félix Marquez, Emmanuel Guillén Lozano, Francisco Robles, Mauricio Palos and Article 19, closes this Friday, August 3. The exhibition examines attacks on the press throughout Mexico, which have become commonplace in the country:

“In recent years Mexico has become one of the most dangerous places in the world for journalists with levels of violence unmatched by any country in the Western Hemisphere. Attacks and threats against journalists and photojournalists are a daily occurrence; assassinations are routine. In the past seven years, the Committee to Protect Journalists has documented over 50 Mexican journalists killed or disappeared; The Guardian newspaper puts the number at 100 killed in the past decade. 2017 was the deadliest year on record, with drug cartels and organized crime killing with impunity; 2018 is on course to be nearly as deadly. In some Mexican states, government officials are involved in intimidation and violence against journalists investigating official corruption. Ninety-eight percent of all killings in Mexico go unsolved….” - Bronx Documentary Center

Not only is the exhibition something you want to see, but the Bronx Documentary Center is well worth a visit. The BDC is a non-profit gallery focusing on justice, education, community-building and positive social change. They provide free education programs for middle and high school students and for adults interested in photography. It’s also physically a super cool space, as it’s housed in a Victorian building in the Bronx (at 614 Courtlandt Avenue) constructed in the 1870s! 

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Source: Bronx Documentary Center,

Source: Bronx Documentary Center,