New Prints by Marco Giusfredi

We are beyond excited to add to our gallery the work of Marco Giusfredi, an Italian street photographer living and working in Paris. Marco is a member of the Spontanea Collective and the @fragmentphotocollective. For more information on his work and more insight about what draws him to street photography, check out his website, Instagram or various interviews of him online. A couple of ones I enjoyed reading: Interview: When asked, "What is your relationship with the street and the people who are in your shots?," he says "The street is the adventure. The people are the players." Profile: He says, "I like walking the street observing the world around me. With a camera it becomes a discipline. It sharpens your eye. And if you are concentrated enough you can forget about yourself, which is always good. What I like most in SP is that you cannot control much, maybe you can control nothing at all." This profile also provides more information on his process. 

Check out his prints at the links below!

"Untitled," ©Marco Giusfredi. Available as a  print .

"Untitled," ©Marco Giusfredi. Available as a print.

"Untitled," ©Marco Giusfredi.Available as a  print  and as a  card .

"Untitled," ©Marco Giusfredi.Available as a print and as a card.