Aaaand we're back!

Here at Picture A Healthier World, we are constantly thinking of ways to improve the project so that it is as effective as possible in supporting our two-pronged mission to provide positive exposure for artists while supporting urgently needed health services around the world. Since our relaunch in January, we have received valuable feedback from a multitude of artists, shoppers, website visitors and other interested parties around ways that the project can be enhanced to better support our mission.

Following these conversations, our site was briefly “under construction” so that we could take time to do the research we needed to offer you a more effective platform. We are introducing a reconfigured project of which the primary focus is the sale of greeting cards that promote the artist’s visibility. To that end, the back of each card features the artist’s name, website and social media information (ex. Instagram handle). That way, both the shopper and card recipient become potential patrons of the artist and can reach out directly to artists to inquire about their work.

We still offer the option for artists to sell their cards in print format as well, and have changed the pricing structure so that artists are now compensated for print sales. After accounting for materials and labor costs, half (50%) of profits are donated, and the remaining amount is divided between the artist (35%) and PAHW (15%) . PAHW retains 15% of profits to cover operations and administration expenses, which include but are not limited to website development and management, website hosting and subscription fees, labor costs, customer relations and marketing to grown the project. 

We hope that this next iteration of the project helps us drive even more support towards global health and human rights initiatives! We look forward to hearing your continued feedback about the project. Please don’t hesitate to contact us directly. As always, thank you for your continued interest and support. 

NOTE: The website's Terms of Use and Submission License Agreement have been updated with these changes to the project. Please visit each page to review the site's new policies.

"Cover Up" by ©Fidel Iranzo. 

"Cover Up" by ©Fidel Iranzo.