Our Community

Picture A Healthier World (PAHW) is a growing, global community of artists with a shared belief in the limitless capacity of art to change the world. Our platform, relaunched in 2018, offers established and emerging artists alike a way to attain exposure in New York City (and beyond) while raising money for good causes. Our gallery of greeting cards and prints is carefully curated. Artists from countries across the globe are selected and invited to contribute photographs or digital artwork to our platform for sale in greeting card format or as prints. At no cost to the artist, we work hard to promote artists' work while turning their art into meaningful health and human rights services around the world. We sell the cards and prints on our website and in New York City-based venues that reach art collectors, art enthusiasts and gallerists. Profits from sales support projects to purify water, prevent measles and promote education. Artists retain all copyrights to their work. We are pleased to feature work by a range of renowned fine art, documentary and street photographers from around the world.


Once an image file is shared with the PAHW platform for sale as greeting cards, we create cards featuring the image on the front and the artist’s name, website and social media information (ex. Instagram handle) on the back. That way, both the shopper and card recipient become potential patrons of the artist, as they can reach out directly to the artists to inquire about their work.

Artists provide us with a small digital file of the artwork they are sharing, and we manage all of the card printing and sales. After covering materials and labor costs, the entirety of profits from card sales is donated to the health and human rights initiative of the shopper's choice (clean water, measles vaccinations or education). 


Artists also have the option to sell their images as prints (framed or unframed) on our platform. Most often, artists submit digital files to us, and we work with a highly regarded New York City-based professional printer to offer superior quality prints and custom frames. This makes it simple for the artist, as PAHW manages all printing and packaging. On occasion, artists prefer to ship prints (unframed) to us for sale on the platform. In either case, when artists submit a photograph to the project, they can specify if they would like us to sell their prints in particular sizes or limit the quantity of prints sold (ex. PAHW will limit the quantity sold to 25 12x18 prints).

Each print sale represents a meaningful partnership between the artist and the PAHW team to raise money for urgently needed health services. Selling prints on our platform not only provides promotional value to artists, but artists are also compensated monetarily for print sales. After covering materials and labor costs, half (50%) of profits from print sales are donated to the health and human rights initiative of the shopper's choice, and the remaining profits are divided between the artist (35%) and PAHW (15%). PAHW retains 15% of profits to cover additional operational/administration expenses, which include but are not limited to website development and management, website hosting and subscription fees, customer relations and marketing expenses to maintain and grow the project. 

Our Causes

Each sale represents a shared effort by the artist, the shopper and the organization we are supporting (ex. UNICEF, Pathfinder International and FXB are among past recipients of funds) to bring health services to communities in need. Currently, profits support the following initiatives led by UNICEF (read more on our FAQs page):

Clean water

Every day, 15,000 children under the age of five die. A lack of safe water and sanitation, as well as malnutrition, contribute to a high proportion of these deaths. Drinking dirty water kills — waterborne diseases like dysentery, cholera and typhoid ravage families, and children are the most vulnerable. By selecting “Water Purification Tablets” when you add a greeting card or print to your cart, your purchase will support UNICEF's clean water efforts. For each greeting card, enough support will be provided to purify 1,250 liters of water to stop the spread of water-borne diseases. These tablets - which are inexpensive and effective! - purify deadly, polluted water and make it safe enough for a child to drink. For prints, the amount of support provided varies based on the size of the print. 


Each year, measles kills more than 160,000 children around the world and affects almost 7 million more. It is a highly contagious viral disease that is still common in many developing countries, particularly in Africa and Asia. Measles is more common among poorly nourished young children, especially those with insufficient vitamin A, or whose immune systems have been weakened by HIV/AIDS or other diseases. It can lead to serious complications including blindness, encephalitis, dehydration and respiratory infections such as pneumonia. By selecting "Measles Vaccinations" when you add a greeting card to your cart, your purchase will support UNICEF's programs to vaccinate children from this deadly disease. Two children will be protected from measles by receiving complete measles vaccinations (two doses per vaccination are required). When you add a print to your cart, the amount of support provided varies based on the size of the print. 


Exercise books, slates and pencils are among the most effective tools for reducing poverty. By providing these supplies to schoolchildren, they have the basic tools they need to learn the subject at hand. By selecting “Education” when you add a card or print to your cart, your purchase will support UNICEF's provision of exercise books for practicing writing and arithmetic, slates and pencils to young children. For every greeting card you purchase, you will provide 3 exercise books and 6 pencils to schoolchildren for practicing writing and arithmetic. For prints, the amount of support provided varies based on the size of the print.

Please note that UNICEF is not a supporter of or affiliated with the Picture A Healthier World project. UNICEF has been selected by Picture A Healthier World to receive proceeds from purchases made on the Picture A Healthier World website through 2018. Past recipients of funds have included Pathfinder International, FXB, Shanti Bhavan Children's Project and Chemo Comfort.

Our Leadership

The project was founded by Whitney Welshimer, MPH, a photographer and social service worker living in Brooklyn, New York, United States. The project fuses Whitney’s deep commitment to public health with her interest in the intersection of photography and social justice. Whitney was a staff photographer for her college newspaper (The Harvard Crimson) and has since been a student of photography at institutions including the School of Visual Arts (SVA) and the International Center of Photography (ICP) in New York City.  Her photographs have been featured in several exhibitions in New York City. Most recently, her series on the gun violence crisis in the United States was featured in the "Capture Your Freedom" exhibit on Roosevelt Island organized by United Photo Industries. She has worked for public health organizations such as the International Women's Health Coalition (IWHC), amfAR, The Foundation for AIDS Research, the Positive Women's Network of Rajasthan in India and the Population Council in Kenya. For more information on Whitney, please visit her LensCulture profile. As the lead writer of our blog, Whitney writes about a range of topics relating to art and social justice.